The RaceOwl System

A combination of website, smartphone apps, and satellite trackers use checkpoint and location data to provide real-time status and results of all racers during an event.

To take full advantage of the system capabilities, racers should track their position via satellite tracker or the RaceOwl app in addition to any required checkpoint logging.

We strongly encourage tracking so that:

There are two ways to track your position during the race:

The benefit of using a satellite tracker is that you will have continuous connectivity over the entire race course. However, satellite trackers and their associated subscriptions can be very costly and don’t provide the checkpoint logging capabilities that may be required by race officials.

RaceOwl apps offer the ability to both track the racer and handle the required checkpoint logging.

So you can learn more about how to use the RaceOwl app and website, we have created a series of training materials and opportunities:

If you have any questions, contact RaceOwl at .


Website Features:

Text broadcasting:

Officials can provide important information to your racers by broadcasting messages to all racers at once from RaceOwl.

Checkpoint Logging:

Race officials may require checkpoint logging of entry, exit, or race withdrawal. The RaceOwl system provides multiple methods for checkpoint logging:

RaceOwl App store links:

Training Material

Tracking and Checkpoint:

The RaceOwl System Overview
RaceOwlRacer guide (iOS)
Tracking with inReach

Tracking with spot

Training Video Playlists:

RaceOwl App Usage (Android)
RaceOwl App Usage (iOS)
RaceOwl Website Usage
MR34 Propaddler

User Manual:

MR340 ProPaddler