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Founded in 2013, Raceowl was created exclusively to help track the results of the "Missouri River 340" (MR340) race, a 340 mile canoe and kayak race across the state of Missouri. The system was designed specifically for a single race and only tracked the results of the race. It focused on the results of the race showing where people finished. Checkpoints were added to show progress through the race.

The same year RaceOwl started, I paddled in my 3rd MR340 race. For the race, I rented a SPOT tracker. With this device, my wife was able to use her phone to track my location down the river. The race was fun for both of us and she was excited about me racing again. This thought planted a seed in my mind for something greater!

Fast forward to 2015 and I contacted the owner of RaceOwl and asked how I could help. Before long, I took over and revamped the site. I added the ability to track all registered racers in a single map. Now you could follow the whole race real time down the river. Eventually I partnered with Jon (now a co-owner) who was making mobile apps for the MR340. Our goal was now to make race tracking affordable and easy for anybody that was interested.

We're regular guys trying our best to connect a distance racing community through inexpensive technology solutions. Feel free to tell your other racing friends about us. We're here to bring people together!

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